Dealer Drop Ship Request Form

The following is very important in the event that I need to contact you about this order!

Enter the Catalog ID of the product that you wish drop shipped and the quantity. If there are any special information that we need to know about this item, please enter it in the comments section.

Now enter the customer shipping address. Be sure the address is complete, including a zip code. Also, FedEx requires a telephone number for them to contact in case of delivery issues. This can be either the customer phone number or your phone number, but it is required.

Now, I need to know how you want to be billed for this transaction. Your card will not be charged until order ships (you must have Credit Card information on file with us if you wish to utilizer this option, if you do not have one on file, please call and set this up). If you indicate that you want us to send you a PayPal invoice, this invoice must be paid before order will be shipped (if you choose this option, you will also need to enter the email address that you want the PayPal invoice to).

If you would like to have your own packing slip/invoice included with this order, please save it as a PDF file and upload the file below.